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Need For Speed The Thirst For Speed - A Forgotten Masterpiece [Thoughts In Brief]

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The more you drink more, the less Master Oogway. Introduction 2014. Need for Speed: Lust for Speed premieres on screens in cinemas, where moviegoers go to the theaters to watch a film adaptation of their most loved game. But... the film turns out to be not what they had hoped for. The movie appears to be paying off but it wasn't well-liked by the public and reviewers alike. 57 percentage and 22% for each according to Rotten Tomatoes and 6.9 from the former, and 39 points on Metacritic. A pretty average score that is typical of passers-by... However, is it really? Like I wrote in my blog on Far Cry 2, I really enjoy this movie. But my emotions and feelings from it remain ambivalent and I'm unable to express them fully. However, let's attempt to think and determine, "Does this movie really need to be watched, or is it a tidbit in the shadows of time?" Title To start off we'll discuss The title. It's been mocked by all.

Need for Speed: Lust for Speed is a good illustration of what not to name your film. The title is odd to at best However, the distributors do not seem to be able to learn of their errors. This particular movie appears to have been the film that initiated the trend of having double titles. Yes, indeed, you that I'm talking about. Uncharted The film is not listed on cards. Who would have thought of this? It's like having to choose between coffee and tea, and deciding not to pick in the first place, just mix them all together and take it all in. It might be great on its own however when combined... It's not very convincing. A brief description of the production process. The film director was Scott Waugh. Need for Speed is Scott's debut as director. Prior to Need for Speed he had directed two films, but Scott shared the director's seat alongside Mike McCoy. What made DreamWorks choose to entrust the production of a high-priced blockbuster that bore the title for one of its most well-known racing games to an unexperienced director? I'm not sure. One reason I can discern is the fact that Waugh worked as a stuntman and perhaps the company believed that he was able to deliver stunning events and stunts. Did they make a mistake? We'll discuss this a bit later. He also loves cars and everything that is related to cars. The same goes for the creators of the film Brothers John George and John George Gatins. They are just crazy about automobiles. In their free time, they repair classic cars at their workshop in Van Nuys. My older brother George and I were completely enthralled by cars," John Gatins. The NFS team went to all kinds of places across and around the United States. They traveled across America starting from Macon, Georgia to San Francisco and Mendocino, California.

They also visited Detroit The city of legends that is the center of the automotive sector, in which such firms such as General Motors and Ford are still headquartered. They also visited is one of the more renowned Lakes in the world Bonneville which is where the speed record was established. Cars as well as actions Cars can also be the protagonists in this film, Scott Waugh. The cars are the real heroes of the film and are the main characters of the games. Contrary to Fast and Furious, where the film is built around action, and the automobiles are just an instrument for creating it, Need for Speed is made up of cars and an easy minimalist, but still captivating story. Where do the principal characters of the movie begin? The film begins with Dino suggesting Toby create the Ford Mustang MACHINE. What was the reason for the dispute among Dino And Toby? The fact that Marshall drove Dino's car away without asking. The characters are in their cars for the majority of the film and are in the road for the majority of the film. Toby is involved in street races, racing across Detroit trying to make a scene with Julia or getting out of the way of killers and cops. There's been a lot of work that's been completed on each vehicle. Some of them have been taken off while others were made to make them more comfortable to photograph however I'd like to highlight the sound. It's beautiful. Dreamworks signed a deal with Magnaflow (manufacturer of exhaust system for automobiles) to produce high-quality sound in the production. Magnaflow was involved in every vehicle in the film and did an amazing job. an job. Every car in the film has its own distinct sound that's distinct from the other. You'll be able to discern the distinct sound of an Saleen and an Koenigsegg and even comes from the Lamborghini even when your eyes are closed. The larger the number of horses, the better. A main protagonist in the film was one of the main characters, a Ford Mustang, was specially made for filming the film. The experts from Ford designed a car that was based on Shelby GT500. Shelby GT500. The home for this vehicle was manufacturing facility Techno Sports in Detroit. The Mustang was significantly lighter in order to be able to do stunts and when coupled with a better engine, it could be driven at a greater speed. Additionally, the side mirrors were fitted with cameras, suspension, shock absorbers and other aspects were upgraded. Seven Ford Mustangs were seen in the film for various reasons and for different tasks. Ford Mustang from the film Alongside the Mustang it is possible to see in the movie 1968 Ford Gran Torino, 1968 Pontiac GTO, 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 1968 Koenigsegg Agera R, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, GTA Spano, Saleen S7, Bugatti Veyron, McLaren P1, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and many others featured in the film.

We made the decision early on to not damage these vehicles, as we consider them to be genuine masterpieces of art and causing harm is an insult to the creators of these cars. We made exact replicas the cars which were planned be crashing in the story, and employed these "stand-ins" for the scenes of crash," Scott Waugh. The majority of the actors during filming had actual cars however, the makers were unable to afford the crash of sports cars valued at over 1 million dollars, so thus, in scenes that featured accidents and stunts, they utilized their replicas. They made a exact model of the body which was then placed on a frame of pipes and an engine, and later crashed. There aren't any incredible automobile scenes featured in the movie. There's no space flight and escape from the submarine, or leap off the top of a building. However, that's not necessarily something to be worried about. Why would we need yet another Fast and Furious when we already have nine and a half. There's virtually none of computer graphics or chromakey within the movie. Nearly everything you see on the screen, the actors can be able to see on the stage. Yes, no explosions or deaths, but still. I like realism." Scott Waugh. In the film, Mustang takes off in the air and then flies for just a few feet. In the film, Ford will go on an elevated springboard, so that it can and fly in the air for just a few dozen feet and then crash down upon the ground. We decided to recreate one the greatest car stunts of the film industry, such like in the film "Smokey and the Bandit" in which it was the vehicle that "jumped" through the bridge by Scott Waugh.

Koenigsegg is soaring into high in the air (1:35), Ford jumps off the dive board (4:45) and a helicopter is flying at the an altitude of just 5 feet over the town (5:17) In the film, the car of the protagonist is driven off the cliff and is taken by the helicopter, then in reality Ford was able to drive off the cliff, and was taken by a helicopter, but with no actors inside. The film's 0:11 mark is the shortest time that all actors were taught extreme driving. Additionally, Imogen Puts prior to filming the movie didn't even own a car thus the British actress not just had to learn to drive as well as to adjust to the peculiarities of her right-hand driving. The actors were at the wheel of their automobiles for the majority of the film as well as performing certain of the tricks. For instance, the scene that involved filling up the Ford in the middle of the road. Imogen Poots actually took off from the car's window at speeds of more than 100 km/h to help fill to the Mustang. However, the controls were given to specially trained individuals for the challenging stunts. Famous stuntmen and racers, Tanner Faust, Paul Dallenbach, Rice Millen and others were present during the filming. Remote-controlled vehicles were on the stage, that were replicas of the originals. Also, as the actor performed the dialogues in a quiet setting inside cars, vehicles were driven by professional. The stuntmen were placed in cages that were specially designed to be placed over the vehicle over the actor. The film was shot as authentically as was possible, using a minimum use of computers. This is probably why I love those car sequences in this film. I got bored of the constant action and computer-generated effects in Forsage, and even beyond. I noticed that I enjoy chases and races like those from Need for Speed or Ford against. Ferrari, for example and even more enjoyable. They don't have the excitement and they don't feature the driving soundtrack however, you don't have all of that. It's not like you go to these types of films due to the metal, or the endless discussion about family. In films like this the cars aren't an element of the décor The racing isn't an excuse to connect the characters together.

The sound of the engines isn't just an added element to the music, it's the music. The entire scene in the film actually took place. No computer graphics or chromakey The director is Aaron Paul. The camerawork. In the time that director Scott Waugh and my brother George were considering some stunts they came to the conclusion that the primary focus should not be placed on computer graphics, but rather on camerawork as described by John Gatins. Films that focus on cars, less films that focus on chases and rides are just too overwhelming and it appears that everything you could imagine has been considered and fitting in exciting perspectives and shots is extremely difficult. What other angles can you capture the car or driver? What other angles could be taken to amaze viewers? I'm afraid Need for Speed is not going to be able to showcase something novel, something has not been seen before. However, it will improve the previous work. When racing, the camera is constantly in motion, conveying the energy and tension it's constantly trying to make us feel part of the action by first showing the race, and then having us feel like we are in the driver's seat of the vehicle, making it appear as if we're sitting alongside the driver, and then sliding down the road, making us feel like a participant in the race, also in competition with the characters. When the camera attempts to show a closer-up view of the face of the person and his mood, it's still in motion, capturing every bump the character's vehicle is experiencing. The only exception is when the camera appear fluid or static, if the viewer becomes an invisibility outside observer when the camera shifts to a more general or distant planthat shows the terrain for instance. There is nothing special about this. It is possible to see these in one way or different ways in other films, however, the execution is truly a standout. In no other film prior to NFS I've considered that the car was truly operating in the street, not on a perfect surface, with no bump or pothole. Need for Speed was the first movie in which I enjoyed racing, even though there's nothing to see in the movie. However, they're there and in order to capture them, you'll need proper automobiles. The camera assistants included the following: Ford Mustang, Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari, Audi A6, Mercedes and several others. The plot and characters A quick review of the plot Following the death of the father he loved, Toby is left a house from his father. The protagonist and his crew are involved in the field of car tuning. In out of the garage Toby has inherited a financial obligation to the bank and must pay the loan off or surrender the garage. After taking part in a local competition, Toby receives a phone call from old friend Dino Bruster with an offer to alter a special Ford Mustang.

The team finishes the task and attend the unveiling of the car which is where Toby as well as Pete are introduced to Julia. After a brief exchange, Dino arrives and tries to sell Julia the $3 million Mustang with the claim that the car will go as fast as 180 mph however, Toby asserts that the Mustang can go up to speeds of 230 miles per hour. Julia decides not to believe Toby on his word and plans a meet-up with Toby at the track. There she is able to see Dino the car accelerates at 234 miles per hour. Although the deal was concluded with $2.7 million Dino did not feel happy. This was partly due to the fact that he was not informed, and partly due to his jealousy Toby. After a brief dispute, Dino challenges Toby, and before long, Toby and Pete were racing through the streets with three Koenigseggs. However, just as it appeared that Dino was already defeated the antagonist cut Pete off, and he's fatally injured by an accident. Toby slows down and makes a turn before crossing the line of finish, and Dino arriving at his awareness, pushes the gas pedal until he hits the floor. Two years pass , and Toby is released from prison for Pete's manslaughter , with the intention of retribution. He contacts the millionaire who purchased the Mustang and requests the car to race at De Leon, in exchange for a portion of the cars he will win. However, upon reaching the place where the race is held the racer discovers that, along with his car, the millionaire provided Julia to watch over the racer in distress. The two must arrive at San Francisco in 45 hours. They visit Detroit to meet Finn (one member of the team) and present their story to the police officers to film an interview to Monarch to attract his attention. They achieve. Soon after, Toby receives an invitation to participate in the race by Monarch (Monarch has the role of race's director). Dino isn't keen on meeting Toby at the race track so employs assassins to kill the protagonist. Toby and Julia enter a petrol station, and they get into an confrontation with a policeman who resigns, Toby takes over the driving seat, and Julia takes over the wheel while the driver falls asleep. In the morning , they are attacked by Dino's soldiers, however, the heroes are able to escape and arrive in safe San Francisco. Following Toby's successful registration to the race and a truck smashes into the Mustang with full force. Julia is taken to the hospital and our racer is granted an automobile because of his ex-wife. The car is the identical Koenigsegg that Dino hit into Pete.

In De Leon, Toby rescues Dino from the burning vehicle and makes it to his destination first however, he is again imprisoned for a parole infraction, however this time for only six months. Retribution is completed. Dino bambino is in prison to be tried for Pete's murder and Toby shows he is innocent. After the main character is out of prison to be greeted by Julia in a brand new Mustang following which they go off into sunset, living a long and blissful life, with an outstanding debt of $4 million that makes them millionaire. It's true, it's not easy to create a compelling story about a game that was primarily driven by racing. Before 2014, so according to my memory there were just two games which drove the story: The Run and Undercover. The first left many things to be desired. And the second game, although it did a better job of telling the story and was more entertaining, but if they were to make an adaptation of it, everybody would accuse the film of plagiarizing Forsage (the original Forsage and Undercover featured both about police officers who were infiltrating the racers the band). Therefore, I decided to create something entirely my own and it ended up to be the story it was. The story isn't complicated, or even clichéd. We've got Toby He is a great racer, and has no rival in the race. We also have Dino who is the antagonist an old adversary of the protagonist , who is superior his counterpart in all aspects however he tries to not reveal the difference. There is a conflict that involves the protagonist losing someone or something, and is determined to be vengeful towards the protagonist through the entire film. The film follows Julia is one of the girls who initially does not get along with Toby however after a couple of minutes they're already in love to death. The hero is able to overcome all obstacles and winning the race, overcoming every rival, is able to save the antagonist, as the main character isn't the same as him, and proves everyone wrong. The movie's conclusion. Additionally, there are some questions the film does not provide precise answers. What was the reason Ingraham decide to donate his car Toby at all? He could have earned $4 million worth of supercars, however, he might have ended up losing the most unique Mustang. In addition, he'd only witnessed Toby driving the car once before and instantly believed that it was possible to win De Leon, where the most elite of them are competing? What's the reason why Dino smash Koenigsegg over the course of two years, given that it was an actual proof, which storage is, in fact, costs a significant amount? Most importantly, what was Toby's motive initially?

To show his innocence? How? By winning De Leon? In all likelihood, he wouldn't have imagined that his Ford was going to crash, and Anita was able to fit him in the same Koenigsegg that had the front bumper responsible for Pete's death, and ought to have been a victim of the media long ago. Revenge? How do you go about it? by beating Dino and destroying his self-esteem? It's not a great way to deal with the loss of a acquaintance you believed to be your brother. If Dino did not have won De Leon, he would have been unable to continue his business due to the requirements of the principal investor However, Toby did not realize that. If you begin thinking about the tale begins to unravel. But that when you watch it you're not aware of it due to two major advantages of the film. One, due to the great action scenes which keep you on your toes and don't cause you to sigh. Additionally, due to the actors who could create a sense of faith in the characters who seem to be cliches I believe that, I'm a fan the cast is among the major strengths of the film. It's great to look at the faces of racers. It's not the grim face of Dominic Toretto, who remains calm even when a fiery gasoline truck is descending on his. However, there are tense faces of those who drive speedy cars at high speeds and participate in race events that can be dangerous, and where every mistake could result in the loss of a life. Brenton Tuites Luke Bracy, Taylor Kitsch, Liam Hemsworth, but the final character actor was Aaron Paul, and it is a hundred percent success. Aaron is a great actor and gives the impression of a street-racer, and his hair isn't shiny and he's just...ordinary yet unforgettable at the same time. Aaron Paul is the perfect actor to play the central role in NFS. It took us a while to identify our primary character. He needed to be a straightforward guy, but also manly and charming. Even when he's not. We also saw the actor on screen in Aaron Paul. He's an incredible actor. He is a true actor," John Gatins. Toby himself as a character is as straightforward as the storyline in the film. Toby is a typical kid from a small town with a an easy-going objective: to pay off the debt owed to him by his father. Toby is an naturally racer, whose talent can be traced back to his early years. He is quiet and reserved and sometimes is angry at young and lively Pete whom he sees as his brother in the twilight years. One is quiet and profound and the other always laughing and witty. Toby Julia Maddon is an Englishwoman who excels at buying and selling automobiles.

Her role was a tribute to Imogen Poots. Beautiful, courageous, sometimes arrogant and she's also experienced in planning ahead, and when something does not go according as planned, Julia will try to be prepared for anything unforeseeable. She's crazy. She's always making noise, Toby. Julia Dino-Dino-bambino is we say, not very impressive. I've heard someone state that I believe, that a successful villain must be better than hero in some manner Yes, indeed. Perhaps in terms of intelligence, cunning or charisma or whatever. But you can't say the same about Dino. In contrast to Toby's background, he doesn't look expressive nor does he create any kind of emotion. When Dino And Toby are on the same frame with each other, Dino becomes quite petty like the latter shrinks and becomes terrified of the main character. Dino is not a match for Toby even when they are on the track, and recognizes this, or Toby wouldn't have launched the hunt before De Leon. In the film is concerned, Dino and Toby have had a relationship for quite a while, resided in the same town and were not a fan of the other. In the past the main character for reasons he could not remember had a split with Anita she was taken to Dino to get his revenge. Dino attempted to pick on Toby and his actions were a bit pathetic. The issue lies with the character , who is in general a villain and is as cruel, nasty, and slippery like snakes. It's extremely difficult to, if not impossible to sympathize with , or even comprehend the character. It's not me. Did you forget? - Dino. There aren't any complaints about Dominic Cooper, the actor himself. He was a perfect actor. The micro-movements he makes on his face are part of the image like the way he tucks his cheekbones whenever he's angry or irritated, or he draws his eyebrows in as he requests Toby to stop in a discussion concerning the car's speed. While I'm not sure if Cooper has had enough space or time to showcase his talents. If Dino was provided with more screentime, believe Cooper could have wowed us. Dominic Cooper is good. Toby's crew is as regular people just like Toby himself. They've been friends for quite a while and have a similar way of communicating They joke and poke with each other. assign their friends nicknames.

They rejoice in successes together, and work through issues in a group. There's no pity or pretentiousness to their dialogues as they were in Forsazh. Marshall & Co. Pete is, just like Toby isn't an excellent racer, and appears to be the youngest on the team. Pete is close to Toby, the principal character, and Toby himself appears to be an object of his imitation. He believes that it's his best racer that happens to be the reason is the reason there was a fight between Toby and Dino. He's young and confident, and he makes comments that he's not meant to, so Toby occasionally must cool himself down or to keep him out of trouble. Everyone knows that he's more popular than the rest of us, Pete. Petey Benny is the classic geek that every business is equipped with. He's not very good at vehicles, but he's well and is a great role of navigator. He guides the passengers along the way and advising them about traffic jams and accidents. Benny is a comic character in the film, and although not all his jokes are hilarious, you can't get the Spanish shame in them. I'm not certain what is the "geek" is but he was dead in the latter part of the century. My name is Maverick Benny. Benny. Benny's on the news helicopter. Joe Peck is the oldest of the company. He appears to be a replacement in place of Toby at their "tuning workshop." He's not a racing enthusiast however, he's certainly not a terrible mechanic. He's serious, collected and not a big talking head. At 1:30, no tardiness, Joe. Joe (right). And lastly, the final player on Team Finn. He is in a team with Joe and is competing with Bennie to be the most hilarious character throughout the film. He is involved in an extremely controversial sequence of the office, where it is revealed that he "burns his bridges in front of his back." He's not even a racer and is mechanic, and as Joe was involved in organizing the street races in when the film was in its beginning film. What do you think about that car? - Finn. Finn Monarch, played by Michael Keaton, is good. It is as good as nearly every other character who is played by Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton is the Monarch is the genius and the creator of De Leon. It is not known much about him, except for what Dino informs us. It is believed that he came from a wealthy family , and was a sponsor for many Formula One teams. Also, he was a race driver and had to withdraw from the sport due to heart issues. The monarch is an eccentric and expressive. He is a massive racing enthusiast and considers De Leon as his brainchild and even as a collection in which he gathers the top drivers and the finest automobiles.

The sport of racing is art and racing to dying is an art genius Monarch. Michael Keaton is wonderful as always. What is Need for Speed? We have tried to recreate an actual video game, and possibly beat Need for Speed, - Lance Gilbert. Did they achieve success in creating the Need for Speed movie? It's more likely that they didn't than. If you hear about NFS What comes to your mind? There are a lot of racing, music that you wouldn't be embarrassed to add to your playlist, arcades and wild police chases where you are able to smash the police vehicle with a gigantic donut? Most of it is not included in the film. There are two races in this film. The one on the streets at the beginning , and the final race that takes place in De Leone. Police chases however, they're similar to moonlight to the stage in the race. There are no doughnuts or trucks that have logs. It's all about real-world realism! Yes, the initial segments were more simulator-like than the ones we have today, and later, there were components such as Shift or ProStreet however, Need for Speed first of all was popular due to the arcade gamers of the franchise. In that way the film is definitely not a match in comparison to the games. I'm convinced that even the makers weren't influenced by the games from the series with the same name, but instead were influenced by classic car films like Bullitt and Smokey and the Bandit. I was a movie buff, and I loved cars, and the moment I watched "Smokey and the Bandit" profoundly altered my life. I watched this film each day for a whole week. My opinion is that it's the greatest automobile film ever created! It was directed by John Gatins. There are only a handful of mentions of the games, including Pete as well as Benny playing ProStreet and the final race that was on a track which resembled the track in Hot Pursuit. Images from the race (1,2) as well as the players play ProStreet(3). Conclusion What do we think about the movie's conclusion? On one side, the film is not without imperfections. The predictable story, the stagnant plot, the insufferable characters and so on. I can understand and accept all of it however, I can't get bored of this film. The film, as boring as it may sound, was produced with passion and is full of positives.

Good cast, great dialogue, not funny, awesome action scenes and, though very few races, fantastic audio, and great camerawork. One of the things I appreciated most was the fact that they did not follow the same footsteps as the poppies Fast and the Forsazh, making thousands of million dollars from the theater, instead they instead tried to come up with something different. It took a lot of effort was completed and I think Need for Speed has been overlooked and discarded. I'm fairly certain that you not even heard of the film, and even if you did, you probably haven't had the pleasure of seeing it. It was quickly forgotten about. NFS does not have a plethora of ferocious fanatics or haters similar to Fast and Furious, its quality is not the topic of heated debate. Likewise, the movie itself isn't flashing when you watch the best films of the decade, year or even in the history of. But I suggest that you go through it and make your own judgment. Perhaps you'll like it, or perhaps you'll simply find it tolerable or you'll just want that I would die in hell, since I've wasted 2 hours of your time to nothing.